Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Modeller's Toolkits! Lionel Boxes, Free Shipping!

Free Shipping! Until MFree Shipping!ay 1st!
Stop by Railroad Express and save! Through May 1st, we our offering FREE Shipping on all orders over $39.00 shipped to US Domestic Addresses.
100% Free Shipping!
Use Check Out Coupon Code: lionel-box
Just place an order for over $39.00, we will pick up the shipping expense to save you even more money on our great Cargo-To-Go Freight, Rail Critters, Rail Folks and much more! Click on in today!
Dividing Dots

Modeller's Toolkits!

We are really excited to announce our new series of the Modeller's Toolkits!
These great kits include "pick and place" freight, cargo and figure details (no painting or assembly required) as well as ground cover, ballast, & landscaping. All bundled in very useful kits that allow you to save time and money while creating the layout of your dreams! The first of these sets are now in our store and feature two different selections of our wonderful Imported German Model Groundcover, in two different kits! These are ready to use assortments that are great to have around for that "next" great addition to the layout!

Check out the first two sets at: Railroad Express Model Supplies!

Railroad Express Video Catalog

We are trying something new by creating video catalog of our products and putting them up on YouTube. We do not have too many there yet, but feel free to check out our first few videos and leave a comment!

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